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After having enjoyed an rollercoaster career within ICT
and dealt with the madness of politics and corporates,
I decided it is time to attend to my personal fulfilment,
setting my focus on "going walkabout" Ozzie style ;-)

About me and why I am "going walkabout"

  • I spent most of my career within ICT working for banks and (local) governments:
    Despite that I truly enjoyed the technology challenges to deliver, being able to deliver was never about ICT, but about stakeholder management, people who "demanded" their "problem" be solved!? The red line too often was, and more so within government institutes, that the Key-stakeholder could not be bothered nor be involved during the process to define and develop the "solution".
    It is this adversity towards owning the problem that keeps the success rate of ICT deliveries at a meagre 30%! A mentality of dumping/throwing it over the wall and let others solve problems that are consciously created through complete disinterests!
  • I look back on an successful career of ICT deliveries far exceeding the average rate, but... it was exhausting to persistently deal with the complete lack of interest and involvement of those responsible and who did not stand up to owe their responsibilities.
    Thus: my thinking is... I really deserve a better and more fulfilling daily life than solving others (created) problems ;-) 
  • Financial economical issues are ignored by politicians:
    Since the financial crisis of 2008, as direct result of abandoning underlying security requirements for banks since the 80's, nothing is done to prevent future economical collapses, definitely not for the working class. In the mean time the upper-class elite persist in pocketing excessive bonuses. 
  • True analysis of ecological issues are ignored, there is one main problem: too many people:
    Everything nature is regarded disposable and corporates pursue the illusion of persistent growth; there is no such thing of anything in/on this world being infinite, except (as Einstein stated): human stupidity! Currently we are painfully reminded that nature "solves" overpopulation with phenomena's like Covid.
  • Further root cause analysis:
    Globalisation is the true polluter, as opposite to the sustainable local circular economy.
  • Deceitful mentality:
    No solution ever derives from any marketing; marketeers have only one interest: sell! more!!
    Too many corporates "sell" their intends, but never fulfil the intends they are claiming.
  • What then?
    Take ownership yourself! I intend to set the example by minimising my ecological footprint ;-)

Exploring focus

Moving off grid

In Ozzie words: "going walkabout"
Living self contained and mobile
with a car and hybrid caravan.

Being eco conscious

Assuring that anything I do and use
will never leave non-recyclable remains
that could harm nature.

Participating in life styles

Seeking inclusive experiences of
diversity and ethnicity which by their cultural heritage nurses our world.

About me

My name is Poul Holm,
born Danish, raised Dutch,
spent over 40yrs working in IT,
enjoyed living in NewZealand
and now exploring Australia.

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  • Suite121, 7/225 Lonsdale St
  • Dandenong, VIC 3175
  • Australia
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